Shalom Safaris is a locally Jewish owned and operated company specializing in custom-made Jewish and wildlife safaris in Uganda. We understand and take care of needs of Jewish travelers by helping them reconnect with the entire Jewish Heritage, exploring their roots and meet local Jews also called Abayudaya in Uganda.

We offer regular packaged tours in the main tourist season as well as personalized;
Our Jewish tours provide a connection to Jewish places, Jewish stories, and local Jewish communities in Uganda. At Shalom Safaris we feel that the privilege to take an intimate peek at a different 'world' is like being gifted a new set of eyes; these eyes look outwardly in a different way than their usual, and also inwardly in a different way than their usual and thus if you’re ready to focus on some Jewish sightseeing this is an excellent starting point!

Shalom Safaris specializes in the development and implementation of Jewish travel programs & vacations in Uganda with a main focus to Jewish community development.  We develop these travel programs specifically for groups and organizations.  Specific destinations are keenly chosen and available to individual participants.   In many cases once a group is formed (with their permission) we will open space up to the general public for individual participation. 

Why travel with Shalom Tours

Traveling in Africa and Uganda in particular to its remote, exotic, or undeveloped destinations is often fused, frustrating, needs patience and a professional destination manager especially for our Jewish cause. Planning such a trip on your own can become a round the clock job. By letting us take care of the details, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. You will make new friends, learn from expert guides and teachers, experience and share new cultures and places in an in-depth and intimate manner, and enjoy delicious supervised Jewish meals.

Journeys to satisfy every preference!

Being travel experts in this region we are well aware that one travel program does not fit all, so Shalom Safaris has a few and can tailor make a number of different tours to suite your interest, group size, budget and time. Each of our trips has been crafted to capture the best of a particular destination. This means traveling at an appropriate pace, ensuring proper acclimation, choosing ideal lodging (especially for our Shabbat stay-overs), Shabbat with our local Jewish community’s when possible, with this, for more often than not, the visitors will depart awed and breathless with excitement – and of course, with tales to tell.

Our safaris

For those looking for a more active vacation, these programs usually include more outdoor activity focusing on wildlife observation in natural habitats. Most programs are not strenuous and are suitable for every age group. Lodging ranges from luxury accommodations, mid range and basic. Shalom safaris goes ahead to offer custom Passover programs, Kosher Tours, Mitzvah Tours, Jewish Community Tours and extra ordinary wildlife and Cultural Tourism safaris for groups to any destination in Uganda. Our educational mission which includes academic tours is to enhance the lives of students of any age by extending educational and Jewish identity programming into the worldwide classroom and providing the best opportunity for learning through seeing, experiencing, and interacting

Guiding and Tour Leading

Our tour leaders are local experts in their fields with years of experience. They are naturalists, big game finders, good cultural tourism interpreters, Birding Experts, scholars who are extremely knowledgeable about area history, geography, customs, and language. Adventuring with seasoned, committed trip leaders who have an abiding love for this corner of the world leads to an unforgettable travel experience.


When you travel, food is an important part of your journey. Maintaining an observant lifestyle no longer means having to sacrifice exciting travel with good food. At Shalom Safaris we believe that local food is an important component in experiencing your destination. Through constant site inspections at each destination we are able to obtain high quality local kosher food prepared fresh. When our high standards cannot be met at a particular destination we are able to ship in ingredients and prepare it fresh on site at your destination. 

Group Travel & Private Trips

Does the idea of a private excursion for your friend(s), family, business colleagues, school, or other special interest group sound appealing? Shalom Safaris is more than happy to put together special dates and arrangements that fit your needs. Choose one of our programs and we can discuss the best time of year, trip leaders, accommodations, and custom itineraries. Special travel discounts are available for group travel. Group numbers vary per trip so please call or mail for details. You can do it!

We have trips for your every travel interest, mood or style. Whether you choose kosher travel due to dietary and religious concerns or enjoy traveling with fellow Jews, Shalom Safaris has the trip for you. To help choose the right trip, our staff is available to discuss any aspect of the trip or destination of interest. We are here every step of the way to help you choose, prepare for, and enjoy the perfect lifetime adventure.

Our phenomenal vision since inception, is not only a testament to our passion in our endeavors, but the recognition and appreciation of our proficiency and effectiveness from many who have had, and continue to enjoy the mutual pleasure of partnering with us. We hold dear and never shall forget the solemn promise we made to ourselves and now extend to you. We shall maintain our ideals, policies and enthusiasm, and continue to lead the school we have created, as it represents not only an approach to the work at hand, but the effort of a team of professionals.

The invaluable contribution of this TEAM has helped build a company that stands pompous today. Without a doubt, any travel professional would be delighted to partner with this Company on all matters pertaining to destination management, ranging from mere consultations to expert advice and, ultimately, quality services.
Granted an opportunity, we will guide you and/or your guests on an adventure of a lifetime, uncovering the mysteries of Uganda and sharing in on a magnificent dream. We’ve got the spirit, expertise, flexibility and commitment to make it happen!

A simple safari in Uganda is inspiring and on its own merits, a grand affair. It needs no additions to justify the experience and qualify it as memorable. Having said that, the quality of experience could be improved tremendously or embroidered a million times over to make it an indeed unique experience. There are unlimited, inexpensive and value added inclusions, virtually in every area that could achieve this effect. This is more so, for that special individual trip, incentive (group), convention or a congress. We could not exhaust the possibilities here, contact us for comprehensive list of activities…everything is truly possible and the results could be enriching to no end.


In the last few years we have had some of the most breath taking experiences with Incentive Travel. We have had the pleasure of designing and managing incentive trips (for award winners as well as for motivational purposes) for some of the most prestigious institutions and multi-national organisations worldwide. The Group participants have been as few as 2 and as many as 30 people, demographically as varied. The range of activities and demands have been different from one organization/individual to the other and very unique in every manner. The lessons learnt have been immense, not to mention the loads of fun all round.

Whilst a lot is taken for granted it has been our policy to have minimum negative impact on local cultures and the natural environment. In all our years of providing Destination Management Services in Uganda, we have endeavored to impart our travelers with techniques and provide avenues that encourage rewarding culture exchange. Our goal has been to leave no trace on the natural environment & to leave places better than we find them, with numerous assistance and participation in long lasting development projects for/with the local communities.

Shalom Safaris is committed to supplying you with an exciting and unforgettable experience so join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

We look forward to hosting you, come see for yourself!

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