Dear friends, Hope that all is good over there, here we are trying and looking forward to our next tours among which is the annual Mitzvah tour and wildlife safari in January 2011.

In a bid to promote this, we are coming up with a new website and part of which we want the prospective clients to hear from the horses’ mouth.

Please email us to request for a trip report and we share with the whole world about how your experience with us went.

Visiting Uganda, including Murchison Falls (listed in the book "1000 Places to See before You Die") and spending time with the Abuyadaya was one of the highlights of my life. Samson is an excellent guide, so knowledgeable and proud of his beautiful country and willing to share. I found him to be extremely patient and kind. We had the opportunity to meet his family and felt like we truly connected to the Abuyadaya and his community. I undertook a visit to Uganda as a side trip to a business trip to Nairobi. It was both easy and most enjoyable. I urge you all to experience what the British referred to as the "Pearl of Africa".

Craig Glazer,
Falls Church, Virginia USA