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I am Samson Shadrak, and I am a member of the Abayudaya Jewish community. I will be your tourguide through this website. When you finish browsing through all the words and images descriptive of the beautiful landscapes and interesting people that comprise Uganda, I hope you will come in person to my country and join me on an actual tour. I have a number of years of experience as a tourguide and am the recipient of a Certificate in Cultural Guiding and Tourist Driving Training awarded by the Uganda Safari Guides Association (funded by the European Development Fund) as well as a Certification for Industrial Training in hotel reservations, pricing and management from Volcanoes Safaris Uganda/Rwanda.

First let me fill you in on some background information about my country:

Uganda is located in East Africa. We are surrounded by five other countries: Kenya in the east, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, and Sudan in the north. While the country is landlocked, the massive Lake Victoria, which feeds into the source of the Nile River, sits in the country’s mid to southern region. Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the "pearl of Africa," describing the country as "one beautiful garden from one end to the other." The Ruwenzori Mountains in the west reach 16,000 feet, while Mt. Elgon in the east tops 14,000 feet.


Before western colonialism, the territory that is today called Uganda was comprised of kingdoms and societies that were headed by chiefs or clan leaders. Over 20 native languages were spoken, reflective of the spectrum of cultures that were present. In 1845, Arab traders came, bringing their Islamic religion to the region. They were followed in 1862 by British explorers seeking expansionism and profit. There was also a sizeable Hindu population of people who had initially been brought to S. Africa as indentured servants by the British in the mid-19th century. After serving their five requisite years, many fled to other parts of Africa, including Uganda.

For almost 70 years Uganda was a protectorate of the British Empire, achieving independence in 1962. Political unrest followed over the next few years, which led to the tyrannical reign of Idi Amin from 1971-79. In 1987 the National Resistance Movement established a strong democratic government that has maintained stability to date.

Today’s Uganda is very welcoming to tourists, and there is so much to see! Please visit all the pages on this website to watch videos, look at photos, and read the descriptions I provide through my years of experience as a certified tourguide and driver. And please contact me for more information:

Samson Shadrak